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Why making my site with you? (FAQ)

Simply put: I am from the academic world. Trust me, I am a scientist! 🤣

Additionally, I have myself organized several events in the past, where I have built the site! It gave me enough first hand experience to make sure your site will be awesome See as sample: 1s CIBIO-CBIC

Here goes more reasons!

I am a scientist, should you choose the proper definition! 😂 I have been working with mathematical models applied to medicine, and for all these, I have being working with sites of all kinds. We shall talk more about sites on future posts, for now, they are ways for you to connect with your audience, and in some cases, such as internatonal conferences, they may be the only efficient way.

Another reason: I have participated from several events, as so I can see what works, and what does not work; what is efficient, and what is not. Unless you have an event that can afford with bad web siting, feel free to consider me! 🤗😉

In additional: I can build apps; not to mention several types of sites, from Google sites to MEAN stack.


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