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Model #1: basic website for scientific events

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

If you need to be as basic as LaTex users, just let me know. If this is not basic enough for you, just let me know and we can work on something even more basic.

The most basic I feel I can be is using this model:

Did you like it? 🤔

  • Too basic

  • Too complex

  • Awesome!

This is designed based on my experience with scientific events, as participant and as organizer.

It has:


This is the first page someone will see. It can be used to add something awesome. The possibilities are endless. You can say ad a carousel of images, and more.




News and Resource

To be added:

Call for papers

Let them know how you are planning to accept papers

Speakers and presentations


Blog (optional)

More information soon!

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