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Artificial Intelligence to judge human emotions on Twitter: brazilian election and its toxicity

"I could sleep without this one", would say an user of social media!

It is sad how much toxic comments we can receive. I have started about 2 years ago to be online and now I spend most of my time on Twitter and other social platforms, and comments are the most toxic, the most difficult and painful. I have been dedicating to online content creation, and advertising my work on online groups.

The point is:

you can find nice people online, the hardest part is getting to them on a sea of troller! They are worth it, I must say!

What about if AI could give us a hand?

We already have on e-mails, for spams, on smartphones, for unwanted calls. We need to have it on social medias too!

Robot has no feelings, but we do!

Take care of yourself, of you spirit!


A bot used to find the most negative post regarding Bolsonaro, after the arrest of his associate. This kind of AI was used during the official debate, real-time, and one could see how people reacted to the candidate. Simone Tebet was the most loved one, my candidate. Now she is supporting Lula!

This was a very sad moment of our democracy. A person, associated to the president, said bad words about the supreme court (very offense), a female judge. He was arrested.

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