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About Me.

Learn about data segmentation and how it helps classify data into different categories, such as "sick" or "no sick" or "spam" or "no spam." With the help of machine learning, it's possible to create generic models that can be used across different cases. Discover how to segment a toy dataset using shallow neural networks and JavaScript, the most popular language. Apply this theory to your own unique cases.

Interesting applications

Medical science

Diabetes Diagnosis

Diabetes is a multifactorial medical condition. There is no single set of factors that can explain the possible appearance of diabetes, even COVID seems to cause an increase on diabetes onset. Several data scientists have been playing around with models using machine learning to segment patients with diabetes using prediction by means of machine learning.

Web sites 

Fishing detection

We spend now most of our time online, for better or for worse. And, as a result, the crime changed their focus. Fishing is when someone use fakes information (e.g., fake website) to get hold of your sensitive data.


Deciding on keep someone in jail

One nice application people have been experimenting with is judging cases. In one application, they used a model to decide whether or not someone should be release, and results were promising. This is what they are calling a decision model (mechanical decision).

Early access

I am considering to give early access to a couple of students, as so we could work together on the course! No cost at all, and all the fun you could imagine!

Data Segmentation

Data Segmentation

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