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AI by Sci fi

let’s talk about artificial intelligence and watch Netflix!

Imagine your teacher gives you as asignment watch Netflix. Awesome, no?! On this page, we shall use movies to learn about artificial intelligence, their past, present, future. How far are we from creating human-like machine? 


Our Story

I remember like yesterday when the professor would allow us to watch movies instead of lessons; remember watching Matrix and wondering on the implications to science. Even the national movies, at that time pretty bad, would do it. Our rich imagination would go wide. Why do we insist that imagination should be eliminated from learning? even when the evidences show otherwise? I have no idea where school became so damn stupid on teaching; guess bureaucracy has this side effect. This is a book I am writing on artificial intelligence, decided to make it funny for me and for you! Let's watch Netflix and talk about AI! Use this book to convince your closed-mind professor to allow you to have funny: do not tell him that you want to have funny, just about AI. Always be smarter than your bureaucratic professor, most like well-intentioned, but with difficulties to grasp the future you will have to handle, and alone: no teach will last forever, soon or later, you will be on your own. Train your independence, train you imagination.

Upcoming public discussions



Since I am creating this eBook, I may add new videos and public discussions, please, check out the list on YouTube.

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We already have one

With a strong focus on AI and implementation, using TensorFlow.js (Google), we do have a couple of thoughts published for you! My goal was to keep the discussion generic, but still showing how we do it now, current practices.

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